How to Design Technology Training for Seniors

As a follow up to my post, Tips in Helping Seniors with Technology, here are some additional ideas on how to effectively train older persons, whether it’s one on one or within a class: The more you understand about the senior, the easier it will be to plan your training.  First consider their age; seniors […]

Caregiving Technology Pioneers

On Friday, June 22, I attended the 2nd Annual Caregiving Symposium, hosted by the South Florida Institute of Aging (SoFIA).  At a particularly interesting session on caregiving technology pioneers, I learned about these new products focused on helping those of us who care for family and friends: PAPA – Grandkids On-Demand – College students are […]

Get Free Tech Help This Summer

Think you’re ‘too old’ to jump on the Internet / online bandwagon?  Think again.  At Senior Planet, an initiative of Older Adults Technology Services, you can get computer training in Manhattan, upstate New York, Maryland or at multiple satellite locations around NYC. Membership in Senior Planet is free to anyone 60 or over and provides […]

Why Age Segregation Isn’t a Good Idea

In Florida, I’ve noticed that there is an abundance of 55 and over communities, where the assumption is that older persons only want to live with other older persons.  Maybe this is true for many of us;  after all, our closest friends are usually close to our own age.  The tendency towards age segregation seems […]

Changing the Conversation about Aging in America

Today’s blog post is excerpted from a Frameworks Communication Toolkit, which contains many wonderful ideas and resources on how to change the conversation about aging in America from a time of decline and deterioration to a time of challenge and opportunity.  Also see this recent post Reframing Aging: Growing “Old at Heart” from the Stanford […]

Reducing Isolation for Seniors

As I’ve observed from some of my own family members, many seniors  can easily become socially isolated from others and from the community.  This can be due to: declining health, life transitions, ageism in society and lack of access to transportation / services.  Risk of loneliness also increases if you don’t have a spouse or […]

My New Blog – How Seniors Can Live Well at Any Age

Most of us spend time providing caregiving for parents during their late stages of life to reciprocate for their having cared for us when we were young.  As an only child, my role extended to care for many aging relatives, many who no one else available to help.  This was sometimes hard to balance with […]