One-to-One Technology Coaching Program

My new employer, DOROT, is beginning a new program to match older persons seeking technology assistance at home one-on-one with volunteers. Below are a few specifics: Initial pilot will focus on basic smartphone functionality: voice calls, texting and email Volunteers must be able to visit two older persons for up to 4 one hour sessions […]

How to Be an Age Friendly Employer

Many of us derive benefits (e.g. financial, social, giving us purpose) from continuing to work for as long as we can. Sadly, many organizations, intentionally or unintentionally, make it difficult for us to do so. Recently I came across these tips on how to Become an Age-Friendly Employer, provided by the UK based Centre for […]

Older Person’s Resource List from PSS

However you decide how to spend your time in later life, there are many resources below that can help. This list was adapted from a list provided by Presbyterian Senior Services (PSS), which provides many great programs for older adults in NYC. Personal Development / Improvement AARP Life Reimagined – to help you navigate change no […]

Book Review – The Shift

Through years of caregiving for family members through late stages of life and volunteering for multiple senior services organizations, I’ve spent some time at nursing homes.  Often these visits have been difficult as I’ve watched these facilities care for my relatives with staff who were frequently overworked, or sometimes not invested in their work.  After […]

Upcoming Events About Positive Aging

If you’re in the NYC area, there are many events this month on how to make your older years your best years: Wed, Oct 10, 5:30 – 7:30 PM – Aging: Natural Forces or Public Policy? Ruth Finkelstein, Executive Director of the Brookdale Center on Aging at Hunter College, will speak on  how to transform […]

Book Review – New Passages

Many of us remember Gail Sheehy’s 1976 book Passages: Predicatable Crises of Adult Life, which discussed how we transition between different stages of life.  But you may not know that in 1995 she wrote New Passages: Mapping Your Life Across Time , referencing later stages of life not addressed in her earlier book.  Below are […]

A New Resource – Aging for Life

Starting next month is a new online video series, Aging for Life which will feature a conversation about aging, with a focus on changing the way most of us feel about growing old.  The first episode will feature blogger and author Ashton Applewhite.  In addition to her blog and book, Ashton recently introduced Old School, […]

Why You Should Question Your Assumptions

Despite our intentions to live fully for as long as we can, health challenges can often derail our plans.  After a diagnosis of cancer or Alzheimer’s, life will never be the same.  However, lately there has been an abundance of online documentaries which provide information on how we can increase of chances of staying healthy.  […]

10 Keys to Active Longetivity

When asked where we want to live later in life, most of us will quickly respond, “exactly where I already am.”  But to increase your odds of continuing to live an active lifestyle, you may want to consider how your current location rates on these factors, excerpted from The 10 Keys to Active Longetivity. Strategic […]

Why I’m Becoming an Ombudsperson

Despite our best efforts to live full and engaged lives for as long as possible, many of us may spend the final stage of their lives in nursing homes, adult homes or assisted living facilities.  When members of my family have been in this situation and experienced challenges with their care, I often acted as   […]