How Generations Can Learn from Each Other

The Story of Paul’s Internship at Pfizer at Age 70

This week I attended an event sponsored by Coming of Age NYC where Paul Critchlow described his experience of working as a summer intern at Pfizer in 2016, working side by side with several college interns. At age 70, he taught them about communications and work/life balance. They taught him about social media and showed how common stereotypes about milennials are not necessarily the reality. Despite the age difference, Paul and his co-workers formed a friendship which has continued since.

In his remarks, Paul described the importance of maintaining relationships with people of younger and older different ages. He regularly has a lunch with a 98 year old friend who is still sharp and active. Now 73, Paul is consulting part/time for three companies. Paul’s not sure when he will fully ‘retire,’ having returned to work after a long career with Merrill Lynch.

Paul provides an important reminder of maintaining inter-generational friendships. He has enriched his life by staying in touch with people of all ages. It’s a good lesson for all of us who are tempted to take the easy route of only socializing with those of our own generation.

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