Common Myths About Older Persons

To enhance my skills in working with older persons, I’ve recently started an online course in gerontology. In the first of 11 modules, I was reminded about the common stereotypes that many people have about seniors. But before we try to influence others, first check our own assumptions and beliefs. How many of the below […]

Org Profile – Selfhelp Community Services

(This is the second of a series of posts profiling senior services nonprofits which are helping older persons to live active, engaged lives.) Most of us who interact with seniors understand how challenging it can be as we have an increasingly smaller circle of family and friends as we grow older.   Fortunately, many resources are […]

How to Reframe our Older Years

Last night, for my monthly Virtual Senior Center class for Selfhelp Community Services, I reviewed the book, The End of Old Age by Dr. Marc E. Agronin.  The basic message: aging brings strength.  It isn’t only about decline and health challenges.  Dr. Agronin suggested we start to change our image of old age by taking […]

My New Blog – How Seniors Can Live Well at Any Age

Most of us spend time providing caregiving for parents during their late stages of life to reciprocate for their having cared for us when we were young.  As an only child, my role extended to care for many aging relatives, many who no one else available to help.  This was sometimes hard to balance with […]