One-to-One Technology Coaching Program

My new employer, DOROT, is beginning a new program to match older persons seeking technology assistance at home one-on-one with volunteers. Below are a few specifics: Initial pilot will focus on basic smartphone functionality: voice calls, texting and email Volunteers must be able to visit two older persons for up to 4 one hour sessions […]

Common Myths About Older Persons

To enhance my skills in working with older persons, I’ve recently started an online course in gerontology. In the first of 11 modules, I was reminded about the common stereotypes that many people have about seniors. But before we try to influence others, first check our own assumptions and beliefs. How many of the below […]

What It Takes to Help Seniors Learn Technology

When it comes to training people in how to use technology, working with older persons can be especially challenging. For several years, I’ve had the good fortune to volunteer for organizations such as Dorot and Older Adults Technology Services which have specifically focused on helping seniors to become technically proficient. As these programs grow, there […]

Today is National Senior Citizens Day

Most of us have an older person in our lives who could probably need some of our time and attention.  Below are some tips: Spend time at a nursing or retirement home.  If you don’t know someone currently residing there, you will likely find someone who no longer has family or friends visiting them.  A […]

Aging Mastery Program – What It Offers to Seniors

For those of us who have a different vision of retirement than living with illness and waiting for the end of life, the National Council on Aging has created the Aging Mastery Program (AMP), a series of 10 core classes which “provide participants with an overview of the challenges encountered while navigating life in old […]

How to Design Technology Training for Seniors

As a follow up to my post, Tips in Helping Seniors with Technology, here are some additional ideas on how to effectively train older persons, whether it’s one on one or within a class: The more you understand about the senior, the easier it will be to plan your training.  First consider their age; seniors […]

Why Age Segregation Isn’t a Good Idea

In Florida, I’ve noticed that there is an abundance of 55 and over communities, where the assumption is that older persons only want to live with other older persons.  Maybe this is true for many of us;  after all, our closest friends are usually close to our own age.  The tendency towards age segregation seems […]